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If you are under 11 years old then this is the page for you! We have lots of fun stuff going on after-school and in the holidays and we would like to help you to have fun and make new friends.

If you click on the link below, we can show you a list of all the things we do to help you play.

Where to Play

Maybe you need some extra help to have fun. Sometimes it's good for children to have their very own helper. That way, they can make sure that they make the most of everything they do. If you think that having your own helper may be good for you or you are just not sure where to go to play, ask a grown-up to give us a call, it might be your mum, or teacher, and we can help.

The best of the best...

So you want to know, right now, where to go to have fun! Here are a few ideas:

We have a group of young people chosen by others in their club that make up the Fair Play Barnet Youth Committee. They would love to hear your ideas about the types of places you go to to have fun and how we could make things better. Send the committee an email to let them know what you think!